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Elgydium Brilliance & Care Toothpaste


Elgydium Brilliance and Care Toothpaste 30ml

Elgydium Brilliance and Care contains an original association of mineral and plant silica to gently polish with optimum effect, as well as Fluorinol (Nicomethanol Hydrofluoride), Pierre Fabre patent, which strongly binds to the enamel to reinforce it and remineralize it. Its mentholated flavour provides a pleasant feeling of freshness.

To guarantee the efficacy of the formula, the foaming power of Elgydium Brilliance and Care has been reduced to potentiate its polishing effect.

Indications: Dental stains (of food origin or due to lifestyle) that are hard to eliminate with a classic whitening toothpaste.

Adults and children over 12 years.

Properties: Thanks to its specific, highly polishing formula, Elgydium Brilliance and Care eliminates residual stains (coffee, tea, nicotine, red wine) and polishes the dental surfaces whilst respecting the enamel. The dental surfaces are smoother and more brilliant.

Recommendations for use: To be used 2 times a week after meals instead of your usual toothpaste. Elgydium Brilliance and Care can be used after a professional dental cleaning. Elgydium Whitening can prolong the benefits of Elgydium Brilliance and Care.



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