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Arthrodont Classic Toothpaste


Arthrodont Classic Toothpaste 75ml

With glycyrrhetinic acid, known for its soothing properties. Arthrodont CLASSIC toothpaste helps to restore comfort during brushing and contributes to soothing occasional gum irritation.

Properties: For effective teeth brushing and helps improve gum health. It is especially recommended for people with irritated or occasionally slightly swollen gums. 95 % of users reported the toothpaste soothed their gums.

Recommendations for use: Use to brush and/ or gently massage (with a soft toothbrush or clean finger), 3 times per day after meals. Rinse after use. Do not use more than 3 times per day. Not for use in children under the age of 6 years. Do not store above 25 C.


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Welcia-BHG (Bugis Junction; Northpoint City; Wisteria Mall)

OG Dept. Store (Albert; Orchard Point; People’s Park)

Metro Dept.Store (Centrepoint; Paragon)

The Dental Pharm; Ley Wah; Selected Clinic;

e-commerce: EamartQoo10sg; Redmart; Shopee.sg

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