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Elgydium Clinic 7/100 Post Operative Toothbrush


ELGYDIUM Clinic 7 Post-Operative Ultrasoft Toothbrush

Elgydium Clinic Post-Operative 7/100 should be used in brushing in patients with oral mucosal damage, in particular in the case of:
  • gingivitis and ulcerative necrotic periodontitis
  • bullous dermatosis
  • erosive desquamative lesions
  • induced radio or chemo mucositis

Toothbrushing & gingival massage after surgery implantodontology & extraction.

+     TYNEX nylon bristles rounded using a diamond grindstone.
+     Maximum safety Non-traumatic brushing.
+     2600 bristles/brush on average.


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 Tooth Brushing Techniques Video                                          Elgydium Clinic Toothbrush- MICROWAVE  Video

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