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SENSIGEL Dental gel for sensitive teeth



SENSIGEL is a dental gel based on Fluorinol for the intensive care of sensitive teeth. It surrounds the bare collars and reduces hypersensitivity. Its Fluorinol concentration (1500 ppm) allows a remineralization of the teeth enamel and protects against acid attacks.

SENSIGEL contains two active ingredients:

Nicomethanol hydrofluoride:

a patented fluoride, rapidly and intensely binds to the enamel to form, day after day, a protective fluoride layer over the teeth.

Potassium nitrate:

a natural element which binds to the nerve endings present in the dentine, inhibits the transmission of outside aggressions.


Indications: SENSIGEL helps to reduce and prevent dentine hypersensitivity.

Do not use on children < 12 years old unless as directed by your dentist.


50 ml tube

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where to purchase

Essential Pharmacy(People’s Park Centre); Medic Drugstore(Tanjong Pagar Plaza);

Farrer Park Hospital retail pharmacy: Metro (Centrepoint & Causeway Point); NHG Polyclinic;

OG; The Dental Pharm(Tanjung Pagar Plaza)

e-commerce: Redmart; Eamart; Qoo10

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