ELGYDIUM Kids Banana (2-6 years) Toothpaste 50ml



Daily dental hygiene for 2-6 years old. Added protection for tooth enamel against cavities.

Mild and low-abrasive cleansing base which respects the gums and the enamel.


  • Fluorinol® – 2nd generation amine fluoride (Pierre Fabre patented)
  • Siliglycol – forms a protective film that promotes fluoride fixation to the surface of the teeth & helps to discourage bacteria from sticking onto the tooth surface

Recommended in children aged 2 to 6 years. From 7 years, as soon as the 1st permanent teeth come through your child can start using ELGYDIUM Tooth Decay Protection Junior toothpaste.

Do not swallow.

Do not store above 25 C.